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Audit Services

If the IRS notifies you of a planned audit, don't panic. Most returns selected for audit are selected randomly, or by an automated program based on certain levels or combinations of income and deductions. Selection for audit does not mean the IRS believes there's something wrong with your particular return.

Nevertheless, most taxpayers are understandably anxious about an audit, and would like professional assistance in facing the IRS.

Here's how we can help:

  • If Hamilton Tax Services prepared your return, we'll respond to the IRS's questions and accompany you to the audit (in the DC metro area) to explain how your return was prepared. Although we can explain any position taken on your tax return, we do not act as your legal representative.
  • If Hamilton did not prepare your return, or in circumstances where legal representation is warranted, a separate arrangement can be made with Hamilton's principal, attorney Paul Coelus, for representation. Contact us for more details.