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Privacy Policy

You give a great deal of personal information to your tax preparer, including your social security number and a variety of nonpublic financial information. You should expect—and insist—that it be well protected.

IRS regulations strictly limit the use and disclosure of tax return information by paid preparers without the taxpayer's express consent. You should be wary of any tax preparer who does not know and comply with these rules.

At Hamilton, your privacy is a top priority, so we make the following guarantees:

  • We do not disclose to anyone any nonpublic personal information about our clients or former clients obtained during the course of our services except:
    • As expressly or impliedly authorized by the client to enable us to perform the services for which the client has engaged us; or
    • As permitted or required by law, applicable rules of professional conduct, or applicable state ethics rules.
  • We do not give, trade, rent, or sell clients' personal information to anyone for commercial purposes.
  • We do not, without express permission, transmit clients' sensitive personal information over the internet via non-secure means such as email. If we use email with the client's permission, sensitive information will be contained in a password-protected PDF attachment.
  • Whenever we dispose of records or media containing clients' personal information, we:
    • Physically shred paper records and optical media (CDs, DVDs); and
    • Perform a MIL-standard data wipe of electronic media before physically destroying the media.

(updated 17 Feb 2009)